April 2018 - East Parcel Work Commencing Soon

To: Stratford High School Neighbors

From: Larry Ciccarelli, Stratford Public Safety Consultant

Subject: Stratford High School Construction Activities

Date: April 6, 2018


As you are likely already aware, the Town of Stratford is in the midst of a substantial construction project to remake the existing Stratford High School.  As we approach the summer 2018 construction crunch period, I wanted to reach out to you to alert you that significant activity is planned for the East parcel (where the current School is located, between King Street and North Parade Street).  Some utility work is scheduled to occur on the East parcel during the April school recess, from April 6-15.  Until now most of the activity has been focused on the West parcel (between California Street and King Street). 


As a result of this anticipated activity on the East parcel, you may notice surveyor’s stakes, or painted markings identifying property lines and underground utilities.  You may also notice construction workers working along the fence line that separates the school from your property, this should be expected because the fence is scheduled to be replaced.  If you have personal property or cherished plantings that may become damaged during the work along the fence line, I encourage you to move those items very soon to a safer location.


For more information visit the project website and to sign-up for updates.  In signing-up for notices, if there are any planned road closures that may impact you, you should receive an email notification in advance.  www.stratfordhighproject.com


If you have any concerns as we move through this important project for the Town of Stratford, I offer the following contact information (or contact me, my information is on this notice):

Tim Klepps, Project Manager, Turner Construction, 203-627-6028, tklepps@tcco.com

Richard Snedeker, Project Manager, CREC Construction Services, 860-550-1336, rsnedeker@crec.org

John Casey, Stratford Town Engineer, 203-385-4013, jcasey@townofstratford.com


As always, if you witness activity or people on your property that you are not comfortable with, or if you are unsure, call 911.


Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding while bring Stratford High School up to date for many future generations of Stratford residents