SHS project receives funding, moves towards close of 2nd design phase

With the governor signing SB503 on June 3rd, the Town of Stratford received the nod to continue moving forward with the Stratford High School project.  It is anticipated, that once the public act (May Special Session PA 16-4) is finalized, that the Office of School Construction Grants will formally submit a letter of grant commitment for roughly $76 million to Dr. Robinson. With the commitment in hand, Stratford will begin the process of requesting reimbursement on costs already incurred.

The entire Stratford delegation deserves credit for ensuring the SHS project made it onto the final version of the bill.  Many other towns and agencies were not as successful, and are waiting until 2017 for their projects to receive funding.  By obtaining funding in this cycle, the SHS project remains on schedule.

June will also mark the end of the 2nd phase of design, design development or "DD" phase. The architect and rest of the project team have been hard at work to further develop detail in the project documents. The SHS Renovations Subcommittee will receive a presentation at its regularly scheduled meeting on June 20th.

The project is making its way through the local regulatory approval process. An Inland/Wetlands public presentation is scheduled for June 15th.  Board of Zoning Appeals and Zoning Commission meetings are scheduled for July.