Lawmakers pleased Stratford High renovation money is set

Stratford’s state legislators managed to get funding for the Stratford High School renovation through both houses of the General Assembly last week.

Reps. Joe Gresko, Laura Hoydick and Ben McGorty, along with state Sens. Kevin Kelly and Ed Gomes, worked in concert with both the House and Senate to gain approval of $76 million in grant funds to be allocated for the extension, alteration and roof replacement at the Stratford High School.  The entire project is estimated to cost $125.9 million, and with the grant funds now in place, the state will cover 60.4% of the entire cost of the project.

“The tough economic times our state is enduring makes our commitment to a solid and enduring educational infrastructure, like these improvements at Stratford High School, all the more critical,” Hoydick said. “I appreciate the hard work of our local officials in advancing this project, as well as the hard work of my Stratford colleagues to make sure this project was made a priority during a very busy budget year.”

“Our Stratford team in the legislature worked hard to ensure this investment in our school system was a top priority,” said McGorty. “It is important that we achieve a balanced state-local partnership when it comes to making certain that school students in our communities have all the tools and opportunities we can provide them for success.”

“Securing this reimbursement rate was a top priority during this legislative session,” Gresko said. “It was a pleasure working with our delegation to make it happen. Stratford’s secondary education will become state of the art when this project is complete.”

Kelly was also pleased with securing the funding.

“In tough budget times we have to prioritize how the state spends its money and focus on the core functions of government. Building a strong education system for our children is one of those priorities we must always work to protect. I applaud the state for this much needed local school support,” Kelly said. “These funds will be wisely invested in Stratford High School to add value to our quality education system and local community. This investment will enable our students to go to school in an environment conducive to learning, social development and growth. An investment in education is an investment in our future.”

“Investing in our schools is critical to the future of our community,” said Gomes.  “I’m proud to have worked with the Stratford delegation to get this done.  Any time we can do something for our kids is a good day.”

The bill, which includes numerous school construction projects for the state, SB 503, was signed on June 3 by Gov. Dannel  Malloy.