Stratford High renovation gets final council approvals

By Melvin Mason on March 15, 2016

After months of discussion, the resolutions needed to finance the Stratford High School renovation project have been approved.

Town Council members voted Monday to approve an ordinance that increased the appropriation of the project to $125.9 million. The council also voted to amend a previous ordinance that would allow for the issuance of $65 million in bonds to pay for the town’s share of the project.

With the votes in place, the town can now send its request for state reimbursement to the General Assembly.

The vote was met with applause from residents who witnessed Town Council meetings for months advocating for the renovation.

The proposed renovation, which would include adding a new wing west of King Street, renovating the current building and installing a new practice field, is expected to cost about $125.9 million. Under the plan, Stratford would receive about $73 million in state reimbursement, covering more than 60% of the cost. Stratford would have to pay about $52 million.

The vote came after months of talk, including suggestions that the town should examine building a single high school.