LETTER: Move ahead with Stratford High renovation

To the Editor:

I was glad to read Marc Dumas’ editorial last week clarifying the town council’s views on the Stratford High School renovation. I appreciate that the new Town Council is taking steps to vet the SHS renovation project — it is more than appropriate to look at the numbers, confirm the reimbursement rate and bonding.

However, the discussion of whether Stratford should have one high school? That train has left the station. That plan had been deemed unworkable for a variety of reasons. Since renovation plans for SHS have been stalled and delayed now for about 10 years, the school campus has continued to be neglected and allowed to deteriorate. (As a parent of a recent SHS grad, and after being very involved in beautification efforts at the school, I’ve seen first hand the many difficulties facing the campus facilities. Water damage continues to get worse in some parts of the building and thus fears of mold – amongst other structural and aesthetic issues.)

By all means, the Town Council should review this project. But once that process is done, it’s time to vote to approve it, get behind it, and start breaking ground as soon as possible so that Stratford High can finally advance into the 21st century.


Pete Pantelis