LETTER: Dumas addresses rumors on Stratford High renovations

To the Editor:

I support the Stratford High renovations and think it needs to get done as soon as possible, but there have been some rumors floating around about the project and I want to dispel them. Some have said the Town Council does not support the project. That’s not true, but it is important to remember that unless something is passed at a meeting then your best answer is what do 10 different people on the council think. Eight of the ten current Town Councilors have told me they support the project.

The rumors started because of what the new Council Chair said at a committee meeting two weeks ago. Here is what Council Chairwoman Beth Daponte had to say about the plans for the project: “I don’t know that you have the votes to get the ordinance changed, to approve any additional money for the project. I believe you should take the single-high school idea seriously.”

The minutes (and an audio recording) of that meeting have been posted on openstratford.com.

For those who want to know where your councilor stands, Tina Manus (District 10), Alan Llewellyn  (District 9), Vince Chase (District 8), Mitzi Antezzo (District 7), Joe  Gresko (District 5), Dave Harden (District 4), Wali Kadeem (District 3) and I (District 2) have all stated that we support the current plan. Vince Chase has said that he is anxious to get the project moving and wants the renovations done, but wants to make sure that the final plan is financially sound. I think most people share Vince’s concerns for the taxpayers. I have not received an answer yet from Phil Young (District 6).

Public meetings need to take place and votes cast, but rest assured that this project is supported by a majority of the Council.

Mark Dumas

2nd District Town Council