Stratford High School Renovations Project

Building Stratford High School for the next Century

Since 1925, Stratford High School has stood as a pillar of the community.  Centrally located next to Main Street and Town Hall, the building has a rich history and tradition in the Town.  Over the years, with several additions, renovations, and alterations, the building has morphed into the current facility, roughly 175,000 square feet serving over 1,000 students.

To honor the 90 year history of the school, the Town and Board of Education decided to undertake a project to renovate and extend the current facility to meet the 21st century learning environment needed to educate today's students.   The goal of the Stratford High School Renovations Project is to provide a new space where students can flourish and the Town can continue to come together as a community. 

As Board of Education members, we strive to improve the education of our children, provide for their safety, and to advocate for them and their best interests. Board members must work effectively together and with others in the community to successfully reach the goal.
— Stratford BOE Mission Statement