More than just a construction project.


The Stratford High School project goes beyond the physical  alterations and additions to the current building.  It's about building a space where students prepare  for life in the 21st Century and where the community can come together.   



Flexible Learning Environment

Classrooms for the 21st Century

Lectures, Group Projects, Individual Learning. The 21st century classroom needs to handle all of these situations with fluidity and ease.  The new classrooms at Stratford High School will be larger than the current building, and furniture will accommodate multiple classroom layouts. 

Career & Technical Education

Continuing SHS's commitment to the Trades 

The new Stratford High School will continue the popular programs for career and technical education, including: Human Development, Culinary Arts,  and Health and Medical Careers.  The school's automotive and wood shops will also be retooled to include current technology.


Providing a Safe Space

Meeting and Exceeding the State's Standards

The new Stratford High School will meet and exceed the recommendations of the CT School Safety Infrastructure Council produced in their Report.

Gymnasium & Theater

Creating a new Athletic and Community Space

Once completed, Stratford High School will have a completely renovated gymnasium, with accommodations for 20% more spectators.  A new auditorium capable of large productions will be part of the later phases of the project.

21st Century Learning

The new social contract is different: only people who have the knowledge and skills to negotiate constant change and reinvent themselves for new situations will succeed...without 21st century skills, people are relegated to low-wage, low-skill jobs. Proficiency in 21st century skills is the new civil right for our times.
— Ken Kay; President, Partnership for 21st Century Skills